About Us

Rear Breeds Global Services Limited, RC 923187 was incorporated as an indigenous company in November, 2010 by joining group of highly skilled employees with years of on-hand experience for the sole purpose of forming highly skilled Civil, Mechanical and Construction company specializing in Road and Building constructions and also provide support services in education industry and has interest in sales and services of Construction Material, General Science Laboratory Equipment, Medical Equipment and Information Technology, as well as general supporting services to education sector.

Rear Breeds Global Services Limited has a breadth of experience encompassing all sectors of the industry from educational and leisure facilities, healthcare, industrial and commercial buildings, building refurbishment, heritage works and distribution facilities, to large scale residential developments and small engineering projects such as drainage schemes.

Our team of staff and managers have unparalleled enthusiasm, competence and commitment to daunt any audacious task. Competitive tendering, professional management, quality construction, an excellent safety record, a superb ability to meet exacting programmes, and our cooperative and proactive approach, have ensured the satisfaction of Design Teams and clients in both the public and private sectors.

While our years of experience and expertise as building contractors mean we can tackle even the largest with complete confidence, we are also equally adept at handling the smallest jobs. Nevertheless, no matter how big or small the project, our customers are rest assured that it will be completed on time, within their budget and to the satisfaction of even the most exacting clients.

We also pride ourselves on being very flexible and reacting quickly to customer needs as well as market demands.