Environmental Remediation Services

Rear Breeds Global Services Limited is in partnership with United State Environmental Services Group. (USES) of Houston Texas, USA whose experiences in oil spillage and general environmental cleaning services span over a decade.

United State Environmental Services (USES) is a Houston Texas, USA based company, founded in 1996 with concentration on provision of services in the following areas:

i. Land and Water Oil Spill Clean-Up
ii. Oil Spill Emergency Response
iii. Remediation, Land and Ground Water Treatment
iv. Contamination Soil Excavation and Disposal

Since inception, some previous similar activities of USES include the following:

(1) Shore Line Clean Up and Soil Remediation at Mississippi, Louisiana – during the catastrophic release of Maconda 252 (BP Spill US Gulf 2010-2011).

(2) Abandon Oilfield Site Remediation at Golden Meadow and Lake Pontchartrain, Louisiana.

(3) Wetlands Remediation at Spanish Fort, Alabama – this project involved removing of 5,800 cubic yards of slit from ten sites in the wetland within ten weeks.