At Rear Breeds Global Services Limited, Our core values of integrity, reliability and innovation are integral to delivering a superior customer experience. Our collaborative project approach sets the standard for communication with our customers to provide client-driven solutions and satisfaction. We provide economical and efficient solution to our client’s challenges. We take ownership of the issues and understand our responsibility and commitment to our clients.

Every member of our skilled and experienced team believes that success starts and ends with effective communication. From initial contact to presentation of the keys, our clients are equal partners with our team, our trades and our suppliers in a complex and challenging process. Promises made about callbacks and work completion dates are taken very seriously. We meet our commitments to quality, budget and schedule through continuous interaction and consultation with all members of that team.

Of course, any successful project depends on the efforts of the people behind it. We are proud of our team of skilled, reliable and committed staff members and trades. Our reporting structure has been developed to ensure an open flow of two-way communication and sharing of ideas and objectives. The result is a fresh approach to every project.

Our greatest competitive advantage is the expertise and passion of our people. We are motivated to achieve the elements needed to provide project success and build structures and roadways that will leave a lasting impression for our clients, our society and our communities.

Our Experience / Our Pride



Over the past few years, Rear Breeds Global Services Limited has emerged as one of the most respected general contracting firms in Nigeria. Again and again, in the arena of commercial and institutional constructions, we have proven our ability to take on large, complex projects and complete them on time, on budget, and at the highest levels of quality.

Our growing reputation for excellence, resourcefulness and responsiveness is no accident. It is a natural consequence of the values that have guided our company since its founding. These include an energetic enthusiasm for what we do. A Sensitivity to the needs of our customers. A willingness to accept total responsibility. And a craftsman like pride in knowing that what we build will last for generations. While some in our industry might find these attitudes old-fashioned, we believe they are why knowledgeable businesses, organizations and architects throughout our region place their confidence, and their trust, in Rear Breeds Global Services Limited is based on “hands-on” project management. Our strength is the ability to schedule concurrent short and long-term construction activities, and then effectively manage both for timely project completion.

We consistently meet and beat our customers’ construction deadlines.

Rear Breeds Global Services Limited. Simply put, we think it’s a better way to build.

Since we began operations, we have contracted large numbers of construction projects throughout our geographic region which includes Northern, Southern and Western Nigeria. We attribute this success to several factors, but foremost among them is our commitment to the satisfaction of our customer. To produce a quality-crafted facility, we closely manage each project to completion, acting at all times in the best interest of the owner. Rear Breeds Global Services Limited believes in delivering unparalleled construction management service tailored to our customer’s unique and individual needs.

Rear Breeds Global Services Limited preconstruction service centers around “doing our homework”. We pride ourselves on becoming involved in all aspects of project. Lending our construction experience to the design team as well as understanding and managing the complicated municipal approval process.

And we believe that there is no better proof of a commitment to service than a project which demonstrates the integrity of its builder. What we do for a living is not especially unique. What we believe is unique is our commitment to honesty, concern for the customer, timeliness and a quality project.

Rear Breeds Global Services Limited is, after all, a service organization. Ultimately, our success in this business is measured one project at a time. After the completion of each project we undertake, there must remain a satisfied client – one who will ask us back for the next project and recommend us to others. Otherwise, we have failed in our mission of providing superior construction services. We simply try harder, and the results speak for themselves.